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Characterized by the family-run enterprise, has developed its business with the 'rotation of three generations. Just the 'unbroken generational continuity, with the' direct intervention of the owners both in management and in production, remains the greatest guarantee.

The 'start of' activities in mining is done with the construction and operation of a plant site in Feletto (To) on the banks of the river Orco in 1963.

All 'beginning of the' 70s is terminated 's mining and moved the headquarters to Busano (To), while maintaining the marketing of inert materials, moving more and more the' activities towards the construction and maintenance of mining / processing existing the territory.

Competence, quality and capacity of the technical staff and production are the fundamental factors always in evidence to ensure quality products and its technological development.

The successes achieved by the production and marketing of its plants implies the need for the 'Company to take advantage of the great outdoors and more facilities.

For years is then operating in Ozegna (To) where it has a 'covered area of ​​5000 square meters. and appurtenant areas of over 8000 square meters.

The company headquarters is located 5 km from the exit of San Giorgio (To) on 'Highway TO-AO



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